Basic Membership

  • Will receive invitations and announcements of all events.
  • Able to purchase tickets and attend paid events.
  • Invites to shows and paid events for $5.00 per event. Will receive invitations and announcements of all events. Able to purchase tickets and attend paid events.

    TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP: By clicking the box to become a member of MECHANICAL you agree to the following terms:
    By agreement to join MECHANICAL I do hereby pledge my understanding that MECHANICAL is a private club of friends (and friends of friends) that is not open to the public. As such, swear that I will never disclose the location, events, or entry details of MECHANICAL to anyone I cannot personally vouch for and that all activities, identities, and experiences revealed to me or my guests while in MECHANICAL will stay in MECHANICAL forever.
    I also pledge that neither I - nor any guest I may bring with me - are judgmental of others in any way, shape, or form and will adhere to a strict code of conduct that is based solely on non-asshole-ish behavior.
    As a member, I will be responsible for my guests and myself to abide by all MECHANICAL rules and regulations, be respectful to other building occupants, and any bystanders found in or around the building. Furthermore, I swear that I - or any guest I might bring with me - are participating in MECHANICAL events freely and as individuals of our own accord and not as a representative of any other organization, business, or regulatory/governing body.
    I agree to hold MECHANICAL, and/or any representative thereof, harmless of any and all liability for anything resulting from personal injury, loss, damage, legal fee's, fines, or parking violations I may sustain while arriving to, attending, leaving, participating, or volunteering for MECHANICAL events, places and/or things in any manner.
    I agree that any violation of these terms, as deemed by any MECHANICAL personnel or staff at any time, is grounds for immediate forfeiture of my rights as a 'Member' to MECHANICAL and all monies I have paid to MECHANICAL at any time for any reason. I also understand that any and all monies paid to MECHANICAL for any reason are to be considered 'donations to the cause', are to be spent at the sole discretion of MECHANICAL ownership, and are non-refundable at any time for any reason, whatsoever.